The Bereavement Café

Supporting You with Your Grief

Understanding Your Grief

Grief is a profoundly personal journey, unique to every individual. We at The Bereavement Café understand that the path to healing is not a one-size-fits-all. 

Peer-to-Peer Support

Sometimes, the most comforting words come from those who’ve walked in our shoes. Our pop-up service, moving around Bolton, Wigan, and the surrounding areas, offers an invaluable opportunity for peer-to-peer interaction. Connect with others who are grappling with similar feelings of loss. Exchange stories, share advice, or simply sit in silent solidarity. You’ll find our community welcoming, understanding, and ready to offer a listening ear when you need it most.

Community Connection

Beyond individual support, The Bereavement Café helps forge local connections, creating a network of support within your own community. Grieving can often feel isolating, but when you meet others in your locality going through similar experiences, it helps you feel understood, less alone, and gives you a sense of belonging.

The Bereavement Café Services

Pop-up Cafés

Creating welcoming spaces for those coping with loss to gather, share their stories, and find comfort in shared experiences.

Grief Awareness Workshops

Designed to help individuals, schools, and businesses understand and better support those navigating the complex journey of grief and loss.

Youth Bereavement Cafés

We provide support to children dealing with grief through our Youth Cafes, located within their learning environments. These weekly group sessions help them understand and express their emotions. 

Living with Loss Workshops

Designed to provide guidance and strategies for individuals who are learning to navigate daily life amidst the deep sorrow of losing a loved one.

5 week Group Workshop

Support & Listening Service

A safe space where individuals can openly share their feelings and experiences of loss, and receive empathetic support from others who understand their journey.

One to One Listening

We recognise the healing power of being heard and understood, which is why we provide dedicated one-on-one listening sessions.

Helping you Support Others

It's hard to see someone you care about struggle with grief. You may feel helpless, uncertain, or scared that you'll say the wrong thing. At The Bereavement Café, we provide guidance on how to support others through their grief.

Our environment is a space where you can learn how to provide the right support, understanding, and empathy. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those experiencing loss, helping them feel less alone during their darkest times.

Fresh Coffee & a Chat

We are not a counselling service. All staff and Volunteers are trained and skilled in Understanding Grief, Bereavement and Loss, coupled with their own individual lived experiences of bereavement enhances the value of their support and understanding in this unique setting.