The Bereavement Café

The Importance of Bereavement Support in the Workplace

Workplace Bereavement Support

In the wake of a loss, grief doesn’t pause at the office door. At The Bereavement Café, we understand how deeply bereavement can affect an individual’s work life. We offer dedicated services tailored to support businesses in facilitating a compassionate and understanding environment for bereaved employees.

The Bereavement Café for Businesses

As part of your company’s wellbeing strategy, our Bereavement Café can play a crucial role. We provide a space that acknowledges the hardships staff members may face while coping with bereavement. By integrating our services into your approach, you demonstrate an invaluable commitment to employee wellbeing, supporting them during challenging times.

Occupational Health and Bereavement

Our expertise extends to providing guidance for Occupational Health teams, giving them the tools and understanding to better support bereaved colleagues. Our training programs, workshops, and Twilight Grief Awareness Sessions, along with other specialised packages, arm your teams with the necessary skills to assist employees experiencing loss.

1-on-1 Support for Bereaved Staff

When a staff member returns to work following a close bereavement, the transition can be difficult. We offer one-on-one support, providing a safe space to share, explore feelings, and gain comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone. Our approach is tailored to each individual, ensuring they receive the care and support they need.

Building Compassionate Workplaces

The Bereavement Café’s mission goes beyond immediate support. We aim to help businesses foster a culture of empathy and understanding, where staff members feel heard and supported not just in their professional journey but also during personal hardships. Our support and training services will help your workplace become a pillar of strength for employees navigating the path of grief.

Incorporate the Bereavement Café into your workplace wellbeing strategy today, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of your employees.

How can The Bereavement Café help your workspace?


Providing comprehensive insights into understanding grief and how to effectively offer support to those dealing with loss.

Twilight Grief Awareness Sessions

Designed to provide comfort, guidance, and a deeper understanding of the grieving process.

Training Programs

Designed to equip individuals, schools, and businesses with the necessary tools and understanding to support those dealing with grief and loss.

Helping you Support Others

It's hard to see someone you care about struggle with grief. You may feel helpless, uncertain, or scared that you'll say the wrong thing. At The Bereavement Café, we provide guidance on how to support others through their grief.

Our environment is a space where you can learn how to provide the right support, understanding, and empathy. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those experiencing loss, helping them feel less alone during their darkest times.

Fresh Coffee & a Chat

We are not a counselling service. All staff and Volunteers are trained and skilled in Understanding Grief, Bereavement and Loss, coupled with their own individual lived experiences of bereavement enhances the value of their support and understanding in this unique setting.