The Bereavement Café

Supporting Schools to Support Children, Adolescents and Staff

Understanding Grief in Children and Adolescents

Children and adolescents process grief differently than adults. It can often be more difficult for them to articulate their feelings, and their reactions may vary depending on their age and developmental stage. We provide resources and training to help educators understand the nuances of grief in younger individuals, equipping them with the knowledge to support their students more effectively.

Training for Educators

We offer specialised training for educators to help them better understand and respond to the needs of grieving students. Our programs cover topics like recognising signs of grief in students, how to communicate with grieving students, and strategies to create a supportive and understanding environment in the classroom.

Grief-Sensitive School Initiative

We work with schools to develop a grief-sensitive culture. Our initiative focuses on helping schools establish policies and practices that respect the needs of grieving students. We provide guidance on managing sensitive occasions and anniversaries, handling assignments and tests for grieving students, and providing resources for staff and students to learn more about grief and loss.

Building a Network of Support

Our aim is to build a network of support within the school community. We encourage the involvement of all stakeholders – from teachers and school administrators to school nurses, counsellors, and even students. By creating a community of support, we can ensure that no grieving student feels alone or unheard.

The Bereavement Café is here to work hand-in-hand with schools, to build an environment where every child can navigate their grief with dignity, respect, and understanding. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of grieving students.

How can The Bereavement Café help children and adolescents with their grief?

90 min Workshops

Providing comprehensive insights into understanding grief and how to effectively offer support to those dealing with loss.

Twilight Grief Awareness Sessions

Designed to provide comfort, guidance, and a deeper understanding of the grieving process.

In school, 4 weekly sessions with 6-8 students.

Youth Bereavement Cafés

Specially tailored sessions that provide a safe and understanding space for young individuals to navigate their feelings of grief and loss.

Business Training

Loss and grief don't stop at the doorstep of our workplaces. They follow us to our jobs, affecting productivity and mental well-being. It's crucial for businesses to recognise this and know how to support their employees effectively.

The Bereavement Café offers training for businesses on how to better understand and support employees dealing with bereavement. Our sessions equip leaders and coworkers with practical tools to help create a compassionate workplace where employees don't just feel understood, but also supported during their grieving process.

Fresh Coffee & a Chat

We are not a counselling service. All staff and Volunteers are trained and skilled in Understanding Grief, Bereavement and Loss, coupled with their own individual lived experiences of bereavement enhances the value of their support and understanding in this unique setting.