The Bereavement Café

Serving Only the Best Support Since 2018

We Believe in Bereavement Support That Tastes Incredible

The Bereavement Café is a pop up service moving around Bolton, Wigan and surrounding areas. We offer peer to peer support, the opportunity to meet others in your locality who are going through similar situations, friendship, advice and hope.

Our Aims & Objectives

1. To demystify the topic of grief and remove its status as a taboo subject.

2. To equip everyone with the self-assurance necessary to engage in a meaningful conversation with those grappling with loss, focusing primarily on active listening.

3. To provide a secure, comfortable environment where individuals can discuss their experiences with grief without fear of judgment or scrutiny; regardless of how long it’s been since the bereavement occurred.

How can The Bereavement Café help?

Your Own Grief

Are you struggling with your own grief journey?

Others with Grief

Do you want to support someone close to you going through their grief?

School Support

Are you a local school wishing to train staff to better support pupils and fellow staff?

Business Training

Are you a business and need to support your staff and customers through their grief?

The Bereavement Café Services

Pop-up Cafés

Creating welcoming spaces for those coping with loss to gather, share their stories, and find comfort in shared experiences.

Grief Awareness Workshops

Designed to help individuals, schools, and businesses understand and better support those navigating the complex journey of grief and loss.

Youth Bereavement Cafés

We provide support to children dealing with grief through our Youth Cafes, located within their learning environments. These weekly group sessions help them understand and express their emotions. 

Living with Loss Workshops

Designed to provide guidance and strategies for individuals who are learning to navigate daily life amidst the deep sorrow of losing a loved one.

5 week Group Workshop

Support & Listening Service

A safe space where individuals can openly share their feelings and experiences of loss, and receive empathetic support from others who understand their journey.

One to One Listening

We recognise the healing power of being heard and understood, which is why we provide dedicated one-on-one listening sessions.

Our Story

In the wake of tragic events The Bereavement Café was born…

In the wake of my husband’s passing, I’ve often been asked, “Have you considered counselling?” or “Isn’t it time you started counselling?”

I realise the tremendous potential of grief counselling for many, but what I personally yearned for, and what seemed to be lacking, was a community of people who could truly relate to my experience. I wanted to connect with others navigating the same or similar journey as mine, to listen to their stories, to find shared experiences, and above all, to derive hope. I was in search of companionship and understanding from those who truly comprehended my situation.

Thus, the concept for The Bereavement Café was born.

It’s essential to acknowledge that now more than ever, there’s a need for peer-to-peer support in times of grief. We must remove the stigma associated with discussions on death and dying.

We invite you to join us, grab a drink, and we’ll be here, ready to welcome you.

Supporting You

Losing a loved one can often leave us feeling shattered. Our focus wanes, we’re overwhelmed by agony, and contrary to the common perception, the situation might even intensify with time.

The Grief Recovery Method guides you towards the right steps, alleviating the need to endure pain in hopeless anticipation.

Our Certified Grief Recovery Specialist can provide both one-on-one and group support for those grappling with the loss of a loved one.

Helping you Support Others

It's hard to see someone you care about struggle with grief. You may feel helpless, uncertain, or scared that you'll say the wrong thing. At The Bereavement Café, we provide guidance on how to support others through their grief.

Our environment is a space where you can learn how to provide the right support, understanding, and empathy. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those experiencing loss, helping them feel less alone during their darkest times.

Supporting Schools

Grief can be particularly challenging for children and young adults to comprehend and handle. At The Bereavement Café, we offer support to local schools seeking to help their students navigate through the difficult process of grieving.

We provide practical strategies, resource recommendations, and understanding to help educators and school administrators provide a supportive environment for students coping with loss. Our aim is to equip the next generation with the tools they need to process grief in a healthy and constructive way.

Business Training

Loss and grief don't stop at the doorstep of our workplaces. They follow us to our jobs, affecting productivity and mental well-being. It's crucial for businesses to recognise this and know how to support their employees effectively.

The Bereavement Café offers training for businesses on how to better understand and support employees dealing with bereavement. Our sessions equip leaders and coworkers with practical tools to help create a compassionate workplace where employees don't just feel understood, but also supported during their grieving process.

Fresh Coffee & a Chat

We are not a counselling service. All staff and Volunteers are trained and skilled in Understanding Grief, Bereavement and Loss, coupled with their own individual lived experiences of bereavement enhances the value of their support and understanding in this unique setting.